Introduction: How to Make an Ice Cream Container Boat

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Hi there and welcome to my first instructable! This is how to make a fully functional ice cream container sail boat. It is great for use in the pool on breezy days.(Sorry, I had to take all the photos at the end so its not that clear)
To make it you'll need:
1. An ice cream container, about 2 litres. ( I used Bulla Classics Vanilla)
2. A 36x30cm rectangle of light material. ( I found some fairly light cotton and cut that to size)
3. 3 pieces of pretty thin dowel.(Maybe 1-1.5 cm thick) 1 piece 50cm long and 2 pieces 30cm long.
4. Duct tape (different colours)
5.Plaster of paris ( I'm not sure the amount but we'll get to that later)
6. A sewing machine or sewing kit.
7. 1 drawing pin.
8. Modelling clay, just a little bit.

Step 1: #1 Making the Sail

Begin by sewing a pocket across the top (The 30cm part), big enough to fit the 30cm long piece of dowel.(It needs to be able to slide in and out) Which is basically a large hem. Do the same for the bottom. Along the sides do a zig zag stich under the first line of sewing. Do the same for the other side. Slide your dowel into the pockets. At the top piece of dowel cut open 3-4 stiches in the middle to make room for the other 50cm piece of dowel, the mast. Slide that in. Where the top of the dowel touches the cloth push a drawing pin down to keep it in place, then hammer it in.. At the other end, just above the other stiches make another slit to slide the other end into.

Step 2: #2 Securing the Mast, Creating Ballast and Decorating

Take your duct tape and wrap it tightly all around the tub. I took one green strip and put it halfway up, just so it looked proffesional. This is only optional so if you think it looks better without it, don't do it. Take a small lump of modelling clay and push it into the middle of the bottom of the container. Push the base of the mast into the clay so that it stays straight. If you are having trouble with this part lay 2 sticks across the rim of the container, one on either side of the mast. Follow the directions on the plaster of paris box, sadly I am unsure how much you will need because each brand may make a different amount and you might want it stronger (whatever that means). Pour the mixture into the boat, filling it to just under half way. You may want to expirement so your boat dosen't sink or tilt.

Step 3: #3 Testing and Extras

I chose to punch (or drill) a hole near the back of the boat so I could attach string. This way if it goes to far out (or sinks) and I don't feel like getting wet, I can reel it back in. Great! Now it's time to make any little changes you want and test it! I hope you enjoyed my very first instructable!