Introduction: How to Make a Japanese Lampshade.


This time, I try to make a lampshade.
Because, this lampshade tears...
How to make is simple.
I blow up a balloon, and I put a Japanese-paper on one.
I give it a try!!

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

a balloon
a Japanese-paper
a wood glue
a brush
a bamboo stick

Step 2: Blow Up the Balloon

Air the balloon and blow it up.

Step 3: Mix the Wood Glue and Water

Both are one to one.

Step 4: Prepare the Japanese-paper

It's called "shoji paper" in Japanese.

Step 5: Cut the "shoji Paper"

Cut it into a square

Step 6: Paint the Wood Glue

Paint the wood glue

Step 7: Like This

Put the "shoji paper" in the whole of the balloon.

Step 8: Bend the Bamboo Stick

Bend the bamboo stick with a pan.

Step 9: Boiling

It boils for five minutes.

Step 10: Like This

Step 11: Wind the Bamboo Stick

Wind the bamboo stick on the balloon.

Step 12: Finally

Finally, break the balloon.