Introduction: How to Make a Jewelry Clasp (out of Paperclips, Too!)

Just 2 pairs of pliers, some wire (or a paperclip!) and determination are all you need to make this simple clasp!

Note: This instructable can be applied to more than just paperclips! Any hard wire will do!

Once again, thanks to Mat from BENTFORMS, because of him I took up this hobby.

Step 1: Supplies

This is a very simple process, the hardest part is getting the length of the clasp just right!

All you'll need is:

1. Two sets of pliers, a very small pair and a larger one to bend the metal. A needlenose might do, but I don't have a pair.

2. Some wire! (Or a paperclip. :) )

Step 2: Straighten Your Clip / Prepare Your Wire.

Unfortunately, I do not know how long a paperclip is when straightened, but take a rough guess as it doesn't really matter how long your wire is. Just cut enough to be manageable as you work!

Step 3: Make Your First Bend!

First, using your little pliers, grip your wire at the very tip. This is so you get the smallest opening you can.

Next, just wrap it around half of your pliers.

Step 4: Keep Going!

Continue to wind your wire around the tip of the pliers. Make sure you wind it over the first winding you made, so it stays nice and flat.

Step 5: Start Your Clasp!

Now that we have that out of the way, put your pliers into the top hole. and use it to bend your wire so it's facing straight out. This isn't a very good description, but a picture's worth a thousand words.

Step 6: Form the Top Half of Your Clasp.

This will take some practice.

Put your pliers where you think you'll have enough room to bend over the other half. This is tricky and will result in plenty of wasted clasps until you get it right.

Step 7: Wind Some Wire Around the End of Your Clasp.

This is pretty self explanatory. This will keep the clasp secure so it won't open with use.

What I do is I put my pliers right where I want to start my winding. This keeps everything still so I can wind without bending the rest of my clasp.

Step 8: Make the Top Half of Your Clasp.

Hold the pliers at a rough half-way point. You want it to be a little shorter so there's room for what ever you're clasping together to fit.

Step 9: Finish the Bend.

Just keep bending until the angle is acute enough that you can finish the bend with your pliers.

After that, clip off the remaining wire.

Step 10: Done!


You made a clasp!

If your clasp didn't come out well, make another! It will take some practice before you can get them consistently good.