How to Make a Junkbot




Introduction: How to Make a Junkbot

hello, in this Instructable i will show you how to make a junkbot. A junkbot is a robot or really anything made out of JUNK. i know, never would of guessed that right. anyways on with the show.

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools

simple really lots and lots of junk/scrap peices/ left over ikea funture peices (lol)
you will need
glue: lots and lots of glue any glue will do , gorilla glue,super glue, any glue

again any tape will do gorilla tape, duck tape (or is is duct tape im not sure)  

lighter (optional)

Step 2: Planing

this is where you will plan your bot or beast. i just go to the internet for this beacuse I am not artistic but if you are by all means make it up yourself.

Step 3: Building

now get to building i tdoesn't matter if things dont look right at first or if things are unblanced just keep building it up.I like to start with the legs to make sure it will stand on its own then i build the body and then arms. i hope you enjoyed this instructable read on if you want to get a more detailed set of instructions or stop here if you think you can do it. 

Step 4: Extra

so you are gonna want to start with the legs these are the most important things structurally  they need to be able to bare the weight of the whole thing so make them strong (pic. 1-2)

the body is again a very important item it joins the two legs togher and hold the arms up i like to use a box type shape to make sure it will hold up well (pic. 3)

these are not to important unless you are using the for structure then they are also important i usually stay away from using them as a structure but whatever you want i usually  decide what i want the hands to be first (ex.claws, guns, hands...) then i set to work looking for the right junk.
 (pic. 4-5)

lighter, the lighter is for if you use the glue gun beacuse we all know how it leaves behind those pesky threads of glue that make a project look cheap. just hold the lighter right under the threads and they melt away.

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    chadfreakin L
    chadfreakin L

    10 years ago on Introduction

    I love this. in my spare time I'd make things like this (on much much smaller scales though) like paper-clips and screws etc.
    A "Show your Junk-Bot" category would be awesome on here. I think that will be my first project to post on every time i made one of the minis I'd think how neat it would be with an LED here or there and maybe just one or two electronic/functioning features.

    d.i.y master
    d.i.y master

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    ya i make lots of little ones to and acually therear 2 leds a motor and 2 working speakers.i was going to post how to add them but i thought it would be easyer to just show the base model if you want me to add them in i will gladly just say so