Introduction: How to Make a LED Lantern

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How to make a LED Lantern

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With the 4th of July around the corner, I wanted to be a little festive. So I created some simple and cheap lanterns that can you can place on your porch during your party.

Here are the items needed:

- small cookie jars (dollar store)

- lawn lanterns (dollar store)

- hot glue gun

I found some solar lawn lights at the local dollar store that are festive for the 4th of July season. They use a LED, so they will last a very long time. And being solar charged, you do not have to replace any batteries or plug them in.

I also found some small candy jars at the same store. They have a real nice beveled design on the sides which works great for light dispersion.

First take the top section of the lawn light apart and make sure the LED is pointing downward toward the reflector.

I then removed the lid of the cookie jar, and placed the top and middle section of the lawn lantern onto the top of the jar for a test fit. Everything lined up.

Always remember to pull the isolation tab so the battery will work.

Now add some hot glue around the top of the jar to hold the lantern in place. This will also keep water out of the jar.

These lanterns are great. You can display them around any deck or porch for your party. And since the battery self charges, you can keep these on display for a long time.

And since the lanterns only cost you $2 each, you can make a bunch of them on a budget.

Have fun on the 4th.

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