How to Make a Lego Samurai Jack "Aku" Costume

Introduction: How to Make a Lego Samurai Jack "Aku" Costume

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I have to be honest. I don’t really know too much about Aku nor samurai Jack, but my friend wanted a costume for a comic convention. This costume was actually the prototype for the lego Superman costume (link below)

*I will explain how the costume could be made with the upgrades from the superman outfit.
* This costume is fairly warm.
* This build could be completed in a weekend if you are efficient



-high density foam

-craft foam


-hot glue

- 10” concrete tube (home depot)

-masking tape


-black fabric

Step 1: Chest

Cut out each shape from the diagram below. You should have 2 pieces of piece A. make sure that the top of the pentagon fit about your shoulders. and the bottom should be about your waist line.

(Pic B) is used as one side.. Pic C and Pic D combine together to make a type of door for the opposite side. this way, you can slide in and out of the chest piece. Hot Glue everything together, EXCEPT for C and D. Use masking tape so that the pieces can “swing”. put velcro on C and D to keep it closed.

Step 2: Shoulders

For the shoulder area, you will make another “door” to slide into.

Use tape to attach E and F to front and back (make sure it is on the side with C+D).. use velcro to have the pieces stick to one another. that is the side you enter the chest.. Glue F in place.

Aku has these shoulder pad looking things, so just add those out of cardboard. Basic triangles should work.

Step 3: Legs:Assembly

- Aku really didnt have legs,but more so a skirt looking thing.. We took a long box and cut down the 4 seams, so that it could fan out a bit. Make sure that the width of the skirt is the  width of the chest and that it reaches all the way to the floor. (pic 1 + pic 2)

once complete, cut out long triangles from the black fabric and glue them inside the seam of the skirt. (remember that the fat end of the triangle is at the bottom) **in this picture, the skirt is upside down to show how the triangles were glued in (pic 3)

Step 4: Legs: Skirt

we took some cardboard, cut out edges to hang off the bottom of the skirt to give it a whispy look. attach them by fabric so that they move a bit.

you can then use suspenders to keep the lower half attached to you.

Step 5: Hands

  1. Make 4 "C’s" out if high density foam. a Pair of C’s will act as the top and bottom of the hand..
  2. Take craft foam and glued it to the edge, making a mitten.
  3. cut out a little triangle in the middle of the C, which will allow you to open and close the hand.
  4. add a wrist and call it a day

Step 6: Arms

As stated, this build was the prototype for the superman, so I didn't know how to make arms yet.. But if you want arms, use high density foam and wrap them around your arm. Angle the forearm and biceps to get a good curve. i eventually made a shoulder and attached it to the chest with velcro straps.

Step 7: Head: Main Assembly

  1. Cut the cement tube to roughly the length of your head.
  2. Use the styrofoam and glue it underneath
  3. From here, you can use sandpaper to smooth off the edge and create the curve for the jaw.
  4. once that is completed, cut another hole in the styrofoam for your neck.
  5. I took a portion of cement tube and cut the length down to make a smaller diameter for a neck.

Step 8: Eyes

  1. stick the tube on your head.
  2. take a pen and reach from the top to mark where your eyeballs are..
  3. cut them out.  
  4. put in some transparent black fabric and put them into the eyes.
  5. I also put in some styrofoam inside the lego head so that it would turn when i would turn my actual head.

Step 9: Head: Lid + Details

I took a sheet of large craft foam and put it over the top of the head to give it a cap and make it flat. if you really wanted to, you could use styrofoam again and even make the little circle thing on top.  I cut out several  head pieces from cardboard and glued them on as well.

Step 10: Face

then i started painting the whole head piece.  (pic 1)

- Looking back on it, i could have cut the mouth out and replaced it with black fabric to make it a bit more breathable. the teeth could have been white craft foam if you went this route

From here, i took some red craft foam and cut out eye brows and a goatee.(pic 2)

Step 11: Finished!

Take lots of pictures and enjoy!

For more current art projects outside of costumes, feel free to check out Spicy Panda Creations on Facebook.

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