How to Make a Minecraft PE Quick Build Arena




Introduction: How to Make a Minecraft PE Quick Build Arena

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Step 1: Building the Perimeter

First of, this is a general guide, not something that is step by step. First make a complete square on the ground or floating in the air. It doesn't matter which, just make sure that it is a perfect square.

Step 2: Building the Dividing Walls

Put up walls between each building area. You can either have a two team arena or a four team arena. Mine was four team.

Step 3: Decorate Each Team Area

Make sure they all look identical, except if you want a unique color for each team like me.

Step 4: Cover the Whole Thing With Any Block

Glass looks cool

Step 5: Make a Cool Entrance

Mine requires you to walk into a little room out side the arena, walk down a ladder Ito a small hallway then climb up into the arena.

Step 6: That's It!

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    8 years ago

    That's a really nice looking arena