Introduction: How to Make a Minecraft Server on Minecraft Pocket Edition

Ever wanted to make a minecraft server, but don't know how? Well if you did here is how to make a simple server.

Step 1: Step 1: First Go on Minecraft

go on minecraft and select play.

Step 2: Step 2: Select World

first you of course have to make/select a world.

Step 3: Step 3: New Land

once you are on your world you are going to need to select a few things...

Step 4: Step 4: Select Your Colours

go on inventory and go on the bookshelf block, then scroll down to the wool and pick out two colours for the checker board inspired rule pod.

Step 5: Step 5: Start Making a Pattern

for the checker board, its a little complicated but I will tell you how to do it in the easiest way I can: get your first colour(I used purple and yellow for my colours, but you can use any two colours you want) and place it down then put your second colour below it and keep doing that for as long as you want.(I went down seventeen blocks so that's 9 purple and 8 yellow for me)Then when you are done that, you know the second colour you used underneath the first colour? Well you use that colour first but when you are doing the second row, you put the second colour on the first colour and the first colour on the second colour(ex: 1st row: purple, yellow. 2nd row: yellow, purple)

Step 6: Step 6: Finishing Touches

When you are done, it should look something like this(for me it's 17x11 but for you it could be 20x19, 8x16, 30x50 ect.)

Step 7: Step 7: Area's for Builds(optional)

this step is optional but if you do intend to do it, what you do is take any slab you want(ex: wood, stone, brick etc.) and make it as big as you want because there is really no limit on how big you make it.

Step 8: Step 8: Rule Board (also Optional, But I Do Intend You Do It Because Anything Can Happen)

What you need is: Wood(or really any block you want), signs and a place to put it. All you do is take the block you chose and fill up the edge of your server pod that's opposite of the building pods(ex: if the building pods are in the front, then you put the rules behind you

Step 9: Step 9: FINISHED!!!!!!!

That's right we are finished, but if you want to add some things that I didn't add in this Instructable, go for it and if you want to add your servers that I helped you make on minecraft pocket edition in the comments I might join you but I will message you or reply to you in the comments to make sure you are online and if you don't live close to me I will recommend these apps that I use to join servers 24/7 for inspiration and for fun and if you get the apps or already have them, when you comment your server ip also comment your username and which app you are using

Apps: 1:*Free* Servers for Minecraft - McPedia Multiplayer Pro Gamer Community

2:*1.19* Plug for Minecraft PE

3: *Free* Live Servers - for Minecraft

P.S: If you have any apps that you recommend I try also put that in the comment