Introduction: How to Make a Mini Pyrography Tool


Nice idea !!
We need:

2 sewing needles one second medical
Power supply from the mobile phone (I'll use on Iphone 10W USB Power Adapter . ( apple )

Model no: A1357 0010ADU00 Input 100-240 V 0.45A 50-60Hz Output: 5.1 V 2.1A )

Threadheat shrink tubing
Super glue
Soldering Iron
Barbecue skewers

Step 1: Photo & Video Instructables

Step 2: A Long-awaited Video About How to Make a Mini Pyrography Tool at Home.

Step 3: It's Quite Simple to Make a Small Pyrography Tool and It Can Be Made at Home With Just Two Needles and Old Unnecessary Power Supply From Mobile Phone.

Step 4: Since Now at Technology Lessons You Will Have the Most Extraordinary Pyrography Tool.

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