Introduction: How to Make a Money Muncher From an Old Tennis Ball

This project was created as a fun way to save money and create a new use for old tennis balls.  Being a very simple project that uses minimal resources, it is a great project for anyone with a tennis ball and a bit of an imagination. 

What you will need:
-Tennis Ball
-Ziptie (or something similar that is stiff but bendable)
-X-ACTO knife

You can also watch the quick tutorial and check out how much fun this project can be here: 

Step 1: The Mouth

Step1: Cut a slot in the tennis ball in the shape of a smile using an X-ACTO knife.

Step 2: The Eyes

Step2: Draw eyes with marker.  Squeeze ball on sides and watch what happens!

*Warning, may cause sudden conversations between you and your Money Muncher...

Step 3: Draw Mouth

Step 3: Draw mouth over cut slot.

Step 4: Zip Tie Part 1

Step4: Cut small slot at top and squeeze ball to insert zip tie.

Step 5: Zip Tie Part 2

Step5: Cut another small slot and squeeze ball to insert other end of zip tie.

Step 6: Insert Money and Use!

Step 6: Squeeze to insert money and use!  Post your unique Money Muncher here:

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