Introduction: How to Use Centripetal Force to Throw Stuff!

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Centripetal force is a force cause by spinning which pushes objects away from the rotational point due the tendency of an object to resist a change in direction. With this dead simple tool and a little practice, most anything that fits can put put into the PVC pipe and thrown using PHYSICS!

Step 1: Materials

First things first, you will something to build this out of.
You will need
1) A projectile that will fit the pipe (I used a spring, mostly because it fit nicely and had some good weight to it)
2) PVC pipe (a couple of feet should be good, the tile in the picture is 13 inches for comparison)
3) PVC cap (make sure it fits the pipe)

Step 2: Put It Together

Put the cap on the pipe.

Step 3: Load It

Put the projectile into the pipe.

Step 4: Throwing

Please use common sense while doing this. Do it outside and not pointing at anyone. make sure you aren't anywhere near anything you don't want broken.

OK, this is the slightly tricky part. Remember we want to spin the pipe so what ever is inside slides out the end. Swinging it is very much like swinging a pick, but stopping early. It's easier if the projectile is started moving down the tube a little bit before the swing.

The motion is relatively simple, start with one hand about halfway up the pipe and the other at the bottom end with the cap. Swing the top end forward pushing the pipe way with the upper hand while sliding it down the pipe towards the bottom and stop right as it it infront of you. If timed right and swung with enough force it should come out the end.

When I get around to it I'll make some animated gifs to better show how it's done.

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