Introduction: How to Make a Paper Blow Gun

Here are some easy instructions on how to make a simple paper blow gun.

Step 1: Materials

4 pieces of paper ( i prefer construction paper)
5 sticky notes or more (you only need one but it help to have extra)
Roll of tape

Step 2: the Barrel

Roll up a piece of paper around your index finger and tape it so that it doesn't come undone.
Roll another piece of paper around the first, slide to the end, tape closed, and tape to the first so that the long pipe of the barrel is about 22 inches long.

Roll another piece of paper around the long pipe and tape closed. Make sure that the short pipe is loose enough to slide through the longer pipe.

Step 3: Making the Hole

Cut a one inch by half inch hole in the long pipe (use image below to help place hole in correct spot) .

Slide the long pipe into the shorter pipe and mark where the hole is (use image to determine how far to slide in the long pipe).

Remove the short pipe and cut a hole the same size as the longer pipe.

Step 4: The Gun

Wrap tape around both ends of the long pipe. Wrap the tape thick enough to prevent the short pipe from coming off the long pipe.

To make the handle, roll up the last piece of paper and tape it an inch from the back (the end with the hole is the front).

Note: you don't need the handle but is makes it look more like a gun.

Step 5: Ammo

Take the sticky notes and role into cones small enough to slide in the hole of the pipe. Tape the sticky notes so that they stay in their cone shape.

Note: I tell how to make a cone bullet but you can try other bullet shapes and designs.

Step 6: Loading and Firing

Push 1 ammo into the hole and pull back on the long pipe so that the short pipe slides forward.

To fire, blow into the end.

Step 7: End/fixing Dart/video

]Here are some tips for how to fix the dart if its not working:
If its too big and won't go through the pipe you can cut the end of it to make it smaller
If its too small, remove the tape and roll into a bigger dart.

So, I hope you enjoyed this instructable.