Introduction: How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwich

A peanut butter and jam sandwich has 3 essential ingredients: bread, peanut butter, and jam. This sandwich is a favorite afternoon snack for kids, affectionately known as PB&J. Part of what makes this snack so great is its simplicity as well as its salty yet sweet flavor combination.

Step 1: Ingredient 1: the Bread

Unlike the other two ingredients, the bread is a dry element to the snack and literally (as well as tastefully) brings it together. The typical choice for peanut butter and jam is plain white bread. However, adventurous snackers might get creative in using different types of bread. Regardless of type, the classic PB&J starts with two pieces of sandwich bread. Place them on a plate, napkin, etc.

Step 2: Ingredient 2: the Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is the most defining ingredient in the process. It comes in creamy, and crunchy textures. Regardless of the variety, its flavor brings the bread and the jam together. Portion sizes for peanut butter range from 1 tablespoon to 4 tablespoons (for those who are quite hungry). 2 tablespoons are recommended for snack newcomers.

Peanut butter and jam provide most of the flavor for this snack. So, the overall flavor of the snack will change, depending on the peanut butter and jam ratio.

Step 3: Ingredient 3: Jam

Most people like a good jelly for their PB&J snack. However, the consistency of jam allows for a different dynamic to the snack. Simply put, using jam instead of jelly is a creative choice for flavor's sake. For those who would prefer, jelly can be used in its stead. Flavors for PB&J range from grape, blackberry, pear, to even apple. For this recipe, blackberry jam will be used. Jam's job in this snack is to provide sweetness to the sandwich. This sweetness compliments the saltiness in the peanut butter. The actual flavor will vary with brand and type of jam.

2 teaspoons are recommended for snack newcomers.

Step 4: (optional) Mixing the Peanut Butter and Jam

For some snackers, it is preferred to mix the peanut butter and jam together in a bowl. The advantage of this is ease of application. the drawback is an additional dish to clean for picnickers or campers. Another aspect is that the mixing tends to blend the flavors of the jam and peanut butter together more thoroughly than otherwise.

To mix, place peanut butter and jam in a bowl and stir ingredients with a spoon.

Step 5: Apply Ingredients to the Bread

This is where the magic happens.

With a knife or spoon,

  • First apply peanut butter to a slice of bread.
  • Then, Apply the jam to the other slice of bread.

(Although the peanut butter and jam do not have to be put on separate slices of bread, they each spread better when they are in direct contact with the bread and not with each other.)

Step 6: Finish and Enjoy!

Once the ingredients have been adequately spread across the slices of bread, combine the slices to form a sandwich, facing the slices' spread sides toward each other. This completes the PB&J recipe.

Now, it is up to the snacker to enjoy the uniquely simple flavor of a Peanut Butter and Jam sandwich.