Introduction: How to Make a Pipe Cleaner Stick Figure

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Everybody likes stick figures, and most people like pipe cleaners, so why not combine them? This guide will show you how to make a stick figure out of a single pipe cleaner.

Things You'll Need:

x1 pipe cleaner
Scissors (optional)

Step 1: Head

Start by making a small loop on the end of the pipe cleaner. This will be the head.

Make sure to be very generous with how small you make it; The bigger it is, the more likely you are to run out pipe to fold.

After you're sure about the size you've gone with, twist the loop to ensure stability.

Step 2: Arms

Next, fold the long part of the pipe cleaner in on itself, to be the same length as the other arm.

After you've don that, wrap the excess pipe cleaner around the neck, and point it downward.

Step 3: Leg 1

Now find where you want your legs to start, and make a slight bend there. Find where you want your legs to end, and fold the pipe cleaner in at that point.

Step 4: Leg 2

Wrap the excess pipe cleaner around the waist, then position it, like the second leg.

Step 5: Tah Dah!

Cut off, or fold in any remaining excess pipe cleaner, and enjoy!