Introduction: How to Make a Pocket Sized Colloidal Silver Generator.

First I would like to give a bit of material on colloidal silver, but due to the controversial nature of this substance, I am not allowed to state what is said about colloidal silver. Liability issues and the terms of service agreement. Thank You for pointing that out Kiteman.

The only personal claim I will make is that it works for me, and I feel the need to help others find it also.

I will say that, from the first comments, research it thoroughly, YOURSELF.

This is an Instructable on how to make a colloidal silver generator that can slip into your pocket and make your own colloidal silver on the run. Plus it is inexpensive, and gives a good product that is inexpensive.

I will suggest that anyone interested in using colloidal silver to research the topic thoroughly, consult a physician, and read all the good and bad things before you make up your own mind.

I have entered a couple of links here - they are not the end authorities on the subject. Their credabilities may be flawed, for some - but it is a start.

Use at your own risk and good health to you if you chosse it, or not. (Pro) (Con) (Blueman - there do not seem to be many.) ( Part 1 of 13 - try to watch all if you can.)

Step 1: Gather the Parts.

The parts for this Instructable have to come from a few different sources.

What you will need:

Distilled water. ( Any water will do as long as it is at least filtered, but distilled is best.)

Fine silver wire. This has to be 99.9% or 99.99% pure silver wire. This is getting pretty hard to find, even on the Internet. I ordered mine out of Mexico. Make sure it is pure 'fine' silver - some 'silver' doesn't even contain silver. Ask before you buy and if you still don't trust their word take it to a jeweller you know and trust. They can run a couple of tests on it to make sure. NO STERLING - the alloy of sterling is copper or nickel and colloidal nickel is not good for you in any way, shape, or form
ONLY 99.9% PURE FINE SILVER. Further on I will bring this up again, and again.

Some sort of connection block. ( You can use tape if you like)

9V battery connection. ( Buy new or out of an old toy. (Recycle #1))

Good 9V battery.

Old personal size water bottle. (Recycle #2)

Step 2: Hook It Up.

Easy as pie.

First, you don't really need all the terminal blocks for just one generator, so take a sharp knife and cut two from the end of a string of 12. ( Mine was a 12 pole terminal block.) Now you should have a 2 pole terminal block.

Slide one 6" piece of 99.9% pure fine silver into the terminal block until it can be caught by the screw when the screw is tightened. Do the same with the second so that it is protruding the exact same length from the block on the same side of the block. ( see photo.) Tighten down the two screws to secure the wires in place.

Take the 9V battery connection and strip the wire ends so there is 3/8" bare on each wire. Fold the bare wire back at the mid-point of each bare section so there is a 3/16" double of bare wire. This will give the terminal block screw more to grip on to. Insert one wire into each of the poles on the terminal opposite the 99.9% pure fine silver wires. (see photo.)

This portion is optional as it depends on the container being used, but you can bend the wires slightly so the terminal block rests on the rim of the container, outside the container. (see photo in next step also.)

Step 3: Make Some Colloidal Silver.

Now that you have the device, lets hook up the POWER!

Plug in the battery. Simple and easy.

A note here to never allow the two wires to come into contact with each other, or anything metal, when the battery is hooked up. It will short the battery and cause sparks.

Take a glass ( always glass - no plastic - no metal - just glass.) and fill it almost full of distilled water. Slide the 99.9% pure fine silver wires (I'll call them electrode from now on) into the water.

After a short time (15sec.) you will see bubbles form on the negative electrode and what seems like smoke will come from the positive electrode. This smoke-like material is silver being emitted into the water. About 0.0001 microns in size.

You will also notice that the positive electrode will start to tarnish, or turn blackish. No problem. Pull the electrodes from the water when you feel uncomfortable and wipe them off with a napkin, making sure not to allow them to touch each other. Now put them back in and continue to make colloidal silver.

You may notice that the positive electrode in the photo is getting thinner than the negative electrode. This device has about 40 hours on it with 14-AWG 99.9% pure fine silver wires. I am to the point where I will reverse the polarity of the electrodes by switching the location of the wires on the terminal block. The other electrode will than begin to emit the silver and tarnish.

The research I follow stated that this method and power should get me 1ppm (part per million) per minute of operation. I am sure that there are people will disagree, but this is what I go by because it works for me. So there.

I have heard that a strong dose is Tbsp of 5ppm per day. I have heard of 300 times that dose for years with no negative effects. You know you and yourself - you do what you are comfortable with. As long as it is 99.9% pure fine silver, I have heard of no deaths ever related to colloidal silver.

Step 4: Clean-up and Enjoy.

After you have ran the device as long as you like, take the electrodes out of the water and wipe dry.

Disconnect the battery and stroke the electrodes with the scouring pad lightly to remove all the tarnish. Now the device is ready to use the next time.

Transfer the colloidal silver into a storage bottle.

Wash out your glass and store it away.

Enjoy your colloidal silver.

I should note here that the price of pre-made colloidal silver varies, as well as the strength and suggested dosages. One ad I saw sold a 16oz. bottle (2oz per dose) of 10ppm colloidal silver for $30.00. I have heard of $20.00 per oz.. Either way it is too expensive for something you can make for pennies per glass.

Also, for the electrodes: You can replace the electrodes with 99.9% pure fine silver ingots if you have them. Just make sure they do not touch each other and the silver is the only piece of metal in the water. If a clip is in the water, the metal from the clip, or solder will dissolve also, and that is bad.

As this is more a health product please research the topic thoroughly, before using colloidal silver. Use the Internet, consult your physician, and go to the library. It is your health and it should not be played with, unless you wish it to be. You may find yourself getting quite agitated with the medical establishment, as you find the uses for the product, and its abilities, but hey. They are doing what they are taught, just as so many of us do. But, how can we trust a student, when we can't trust their teachers? When is a student better than their teachers?

Philosophy, I missed my calling.

In the end it is yours, do what you like with it. Be safe.

Live Long and Prosper.

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