Introduction: How to Make a R/C Rock Crawler Coarse

If you have a R/C rock crawler at home and you want to make a caorse for it, then follow these few steps to get it done the way you want it to be.


-A wheel barrow or other form of transportation to move your rocks

-a good location

-big rocks

-safety equipment(gloves, safety glasses, etc.

Step 1: Staying Safe

That picture of a spider is a spider I found under one of the rocks I used. When you pick up rocks, it is safest to grab an edge of the rock you are about to grab and lift it up from there, checking for venomous insects, spiders, snakes, etc. After you have checked, place it in your moving device. Make sure your load is not to heavy or it could be dangerous to move it. Trust me, your safety is more important than your rock crawler coarse.

Step 2: Choosing a Good Location.

It is best to find a location that is shady, up hill and speaking of shady make that artificially shaded. The picture above is my old rock crawler coarse, with a mother load of mosquitoes. This seemed like a good place to have it, but its downhill location and high amounts of vegetation made it an ideal location for mosquitoes. The picture with the wheel barrow is my new location, low vegetation, next my house which provides shade in the hot evenings and uphill, so that when it rains, no water collects.

Step 3: Placing Your Rocks

The only thing I did to place my rocks was to dump them strait out of the wheel barrow in a strait line. It is very effective, and gives me a good challenge. If you want you can manually place your rocks and try to judge how good your rock crawler will be at crawling them. I went for the more natural and random look of me just dumping them.