Introduction: How to Make a Hydra ROV by Interspec

About: Electrical Engineer / Engineering Technician ROV Supervisor

The ocean is indeed a mysterious and fascinating area of research and until recently the ocean depths have
remained largely unexplored. Extreme levels of pressure, negligible light levels and frigid temperatures are
conditions that make unaided exploration impossible. With the onset of the industrial age and the
development of specialized robotics, the ocean depths are now finally being researched. The study of the
ocean presents opportunities for biologists, oceanographers, and engineers. Robotics is playing an advancing
role in exploration, construction, and monitoring in subsea environments. In particular, underwater remotely
operated vehicles (ROV) play a critical role of underwater operations.

ROV is a tethered underwater robot, common in deepwater industries. ROVs are unoccupied, highly
maneuverable and operated by a person aboard a vessel. They are linked to the deck by a tether, a group of
cables that carry electrical power, video and data signals back and forth between the operator and the vehicle
Industrial underwater ROVs have enormous production costs due mainly in part to expensive specialized
underwater components. The cost of such an ROV is typically much too high for students, school or hobbyists
to incur. In order to increase student interest in oceanography and engineering, Interspec R&D has indentified
a market opportunity to develop underwater vehicles that can be deployed in educational environments with
goal of increasing student exposure to this technology.

Interspec R&D is a local company that is involved in the design & development of mini ROV systems,
underwater cameras including concepts in diver equipment housings and sub-sea Lighting systems. Interspec
has offered the students at the University of Victoria an opportunity to develop the electronics and software
for a modular control system that for a new ROV prototype. Collaboration between Interspec and the
University of Victoria is a powerful partnership and both groups offer unique expertise in different areas of

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