Introduction: How to Make a Simple Origami Boat

Origami means the art of paper folding... This is my first Instructable so i'm a little bit noob.... This Instructable will help you make a simple origami toy boat.. Thanks for viewing

Step 1: You Will Need a Sheet of Paper... I Used a Bond Paper or Coupon Bond

Step 2: Fold It in Half

Make sure that the halves are identical.

Step 3: Fold It Into These Figure..

Make sure that the ''triangles'' are identical.

Step 4: Fold the ''rectangle''

You can find the ''rectangle'' below the ''triangles'' that you have folded.

Just follow the figure....

Step 5: It Will Look Like This

Step 6: Open the Figure Like This Then Fold It..

Step 7: Once You Fold It... Fold It Again Like This

Fold it ...

Step 8: Open It Again

Step 9: Fold It Again

Step 10: Open Sesame

If you have questions and suggestions put it on the comment section :D

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