Introduction: How to Make a Sled Kite

Building and flying kites is a wonderful hobby and a good way to learn about air, wind and flight.  This type of kite is called a sled kite, it is constructed from a single sheet of light plastic, tape and straws.  It is a reliable flier, performing well in most wind conditions.

This project supports many aspects of  state or provincial curriculum.  Schools have used this simple kite to support science and technology .

Step 1: Supplies:

- 1 - large plastic bag (garbage bags work well)
- 6 - 25 cm straws (join them to create 3, 45 cm straws)
- 1 roll of clear tape
- 1 roll of duct tape
- string (fishing line is ideal)
- scissors
-hole punch
- marker pen

Step 2: Building Your Kite:

- A good way to start your kite is to create a template, a cardboard shape that looks like your kite.
- Because your kite is symmetrical you only need to make 1/2 of a template.
- To create the template use the dimensions shown (all dimensions in cm)  
- Use a marker to trace the shape of your kite on the plastic sheet.
- Flip your template to create both halves of the kite.
- Cut out the kite and cut out the vent in the center.
- Join two straws by pushing the end of one straw into another.
- Tape the straws as shown, using three pieces of clear tape on each straw.
- Put a tab of duct tape on each side of the kite as shown.
- Punch a hole through each of the duct tape tabs.
- Tie each end of a 2.5 meter string to the holes (this is the bridle ).
- Tie a loop in the center of the bridle.

Step 3: Flying Your Kite

- Test fly your kite by holding the loop in the bridle and running.
- Hold your hand high and the kite should follow along behind you.
- To fly higher, tie a long string to the loop in the bridle.

- Kite Eating Trees:
: Flying kites close to trees or buildings is difficult, this is because air behaves strangely when it moves past objects, swirling in unpredictable directions and taking your kite with it. An open field is the best place to fly a kite.

- DON'T FLY KITES NEAR POWER LINES!  Power lines are very dangerous!

- Experimenting with Kites:
: Try creating your own sled kite.  Create a larger or smaller version of this same kite. Try different shapes for the vent.  Does a tail improve the performance of your kite?

- Feel free to ask question or comment , I try my best to reply as soon as possible .

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