Introduction: How to Make a Smoke Bomb

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Hey guys . Smoke bombs are cool little devices that can be useful during both paintball as well as survival situations. However the are expensive and can cost anywhere between 11$ to 45$ . But , you can make them at home for under 5 buck and I'll show you how

Step 1: Gather the Stuff

Materials :

1) Potassium Nitrate.

2) Sugar

3) A cardboard tube .

4) Duct tape.

Tools :

1) Cups or a container of some kind

2) A kitchen scale

3) A spatula

4) A saucepan or any thick based pan

5) A pen or a dowel

Note:- Potassium Nitrate is usually sold as stump remover in gardening stores for about 5$ a pound and should be available at you local gardening store or you can buy it here

Step 2: Measure Out the Ingredients

Measure out 60 grams (2.116 oz) Kno3 and about 40 grams (1.140 oz) of sugar .

Mix them together for a couple of minutes but take care as this is a pyrotechnic mix and can ignite if exposed to naked flame.

Step 3: Now Heat Things Up

Take this KNO3/Sugar mix and spread it evenly inside you pan and start heating it on a medium heat

Keep folding the mix into itself constantly. You will observe that after a couple of minutes, lumps begin to form which indicate that the sugar is starting to caramelize. Keep folding till all the white powder is gone. you should be left with a gooey thing that looks like caramel but resist the temptation to eat it though.

NOTE: This step is a bit dangerous as the mix could ignite . However this has never
happened to me but prevention is always better than cure.

Step 4: The Last Touch

Take the toilet paper role and stick it to a piece of cardboard. Now pour the pyrotechnic caramel into the role and insert the pen or dowel that you have in the mix. Try to get it as centered as possible . Now leave it alone for some time. After about 10 minutes , remove the pen and cut the excess cardboard. Insert a pull pin fuse in the hole and cover the whole thing with duct tape and you're done.

Use this thing to scare the shit outta people or during paintball or survival situations or during a zombie apocalypse . Whatever you do just be safe and yea i had to add this " I am not responsible for whatever you do with this thing"


NOTE: Ok guys , this is my first instructable. Tell me what you feel. All views and comments are appreciated . Peace.

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