Introduction: How to Make a Speaker Cover

One day I was at my Grandmother's house and I noticed these beautiful veneer styled speakers gathering dust in a corner with a turntable/8-track/radio. They looked like they hadn't been used in ages. I mentioned the speakers and turntable to my grandmother who told me that she thought the whole thing was broken. I asked her if I could play around with it a bit and she told me I could have them. It ended up that nothing was wrong with them so I bought a cable that would allow me to connect my laptop to the turntable. This gave me an amazing range of volume to watch movies with.

Most of the foam that the speakers originally had turned to powder at the touch of my hand. It was a mess when moving so I removed the foam. They looked quite ugly so I decided to change that. I got the inspiration from a Pinterest post where someone decorated their speakers, but didn't show the how to.

Step 1: What You Will Need

* Yard stick for measuring speakers
* Wood for frame, I bought wooden yard sticks from Home Depot
* Dark paint to cover wooden yard sticks
* Foam/Paint brush
* Tape 
* Hammer and nails to put frame together
* Fabric, something like lace is great for allowing the sound to go through nicely
* Something to cut the wood yard sticks

Step 2: Measure Your Speakers

Measure the inside area of the speakers. Once you have done this, cut the wooden yard sticks.

Step 3: Paint the Wooden Yard Sticks

Paint the wood.

Step 4: Wrapping Fabric

Laying out the fabric, you may need to tape the fabric to keep it even. I started with the longest wood pieces and then followed by covering the shortest. Make sure the tape will not be noticeable from the front.

Step 5: Nail Frame Into Place

Making sure the frame is symmetrically even, nail the corners into place.

Step 6: Sticking the Frame to the Speaker

I didn't want to damage the speakers with glue, because I may want to change the lace pattern latter on. I used velcro pieces instead of glue.

Step 7: You Are Done!

Now you can enjoy the sound and look of your newly furbished speakers! You can change up the fabric on each speaker, or leave them both the same.