Introduction: How to Make a Finger Top on the Lathe

Simple small spinning top.

Step 1: The Block

Get a block of wood.

Size of block.: 4 X 2 in
If you are a beginner you might want to try using a bigger block.

Find the center by making an X with the ruler.

Step 2: Planing

Use the hand plane to shave the corners of the block

make sure that the block is clamped somewhere for easier planing and safety.

Step 3: Lathing

put on your goggles, clamp the block on the lathe and make the block into a perfect cylinder.

Step 4: Making the Point

Remove the cylinder and clamp it onto a self-centering scroll chuck (lathe clamp). Talon or OneWay both make excellent chucks
Shape the end into a cone eventually coming to a point..

Step 5: Making Ridges

Decide on how long you want the handle of the top to be.
Make small indents on the place where you want the head to end and where you want the handle to end

Step 6: Making the Handle

Use a parting tool to get the diameter of the handle.
Check with calipers to get the right size of the handle.

Step 7: Saw

Take the finished block off of the Lathe, and cut the Top off.
If by some chance you break the handle you could use a hardwood dowel as a handle after cutting off the broken handle and drilling a hole.
Sand the end of handle smooth.

Step 8: Stain or Paint

you can use oil wood stains or paint on the wood to give it color.

Step 9: Finished