How to Make a Star Trek Badges for Dirt Cheap

Introduction: How to Make a Star Trek Badges for Dirt Cheap

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Do you need that one final touch to your Star Trek cosplay? What do all Enterprise crew members have in common? Their badges. These are the literal icon from the beloved sci-fi series of film and television. I will show you how to make one of your one using cheap and easy to get materials.

Step 1: Materials

1 safety pin,

1 sheet of black craft foam,

A can of silver spray paint,


A pocket knife or X-Acto knife,

Hot Glue,

An image to use as reference or as a stencil/pallet.

Step 2: Image and Cutting

Go on Google Image (or Bing.....Not recommended) and find a image of the badge. Print it, and lay it over the craft foam. Make sure it is the size you want it to be. Use a cutting tool (I used a pocket knife, but an X-Acto Knife will work). CAREFULLY cut it out, and try to cut the little star logo thingy as good as possible.

Step 3: Paint

This is VERY self explanatory. You should know how spray paint, so this will be a breeze. I didn't do this, but I recommend it: add a base coat of black. Then add a coat of silver (or gold, if you want to be EXTRA FABULOOUUSSSSS!!!!). Since I ran out of black, I used about 3 coats of silver paint to give it a good shine.

Step 4: Pin It! (On Shirt; Not Pintrest)

This is a fairly simple step, I mean this whole frickin' tutorial is so easy any moron could do it! Anyway, just hot glue a a small safety pin onto the back of the badge. That's it.

Step 5: Epic Conclusion

This is intended for a gift for a friend of mine. You could use this for any of your cosplay needs. You could also make this one out of...well, anything! Cardboard, metal, plastic, your arch-nemesis' severed head...Anything! Also please keep in mind this is my VERY FIRST TUTORIAL! I promise I will make more "complex" and bigger props, effects, and costume stuff in the future. So please support me, follow me, and that's all; Beasts.

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