Introduction: How to Make a Transformers "Matrix of Leadership"

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The Matrix of Leadership was a prop made to be used  with my Transformers Hot Rod Costume (link below)


- blue acetate


-Card board

-Comic Cardboard

- LED light ( i dismantled a starwars M&M candy lightsaber)

- Primer

-craft foam


-exacto knife

Step 1: LED + Cardboard Skeleton

  1. I disassembled an m&m starwars lightsaber candy dispensor to get the LED part out.
  2. I made a flat “ball” of cardboard and cut a hole out of one end.
  3. I put foil on the inside of the ball  to give the light a bit more reflection.

Step 2: Handles

  1. Then i made the handles out of 8 pieces of cardboard (4 per side). it’s good to sketch these out first so that they are even.
  2. Take your comic cardboard and cover the handles. It gives the handles a really nice, smooth finish.
  3. Glue the light into the ball
  4. Bondo the entire ball
  5. Glue in handles

Step 3: Foam and Paint

1. From there,  i took some craft foam and started making segments to cover the ball part of the matrix (pic 1)

2. Glue pieces together (pic 2)

3. Once assembled, carefully primer and paint it. (pic 3)

4. I then covered the hole with the blue acetate.

Step 4: Inside Hot Rod

If you want, you can actually fit this inside your Hot Rod costume. (link Below)

- I just added some bottle caps and some random pieces of cardboard to have it sit inside. If you want to get fancy, put some El wire or glow wire inside. 


Enjoy the Matrix of Leadership, save the universe with friends, and take lots of pictures.

*Special thank you to Larry Cheng for his superb photography.
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