Introduction: How to Make a Vodka Lamp (or Any Other Booze Bottle Light Up)

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it's more like how to make a Coaster Lamp.

Using coasters and a led push button lite, you could easily make a Vodka bottle or any other object that is translucent like a glass into a lamp!

This instructable is very easy and requires no soldering, no knowledge of electronics, heavy drinking and a lot of friends (optional for the drinking part).

I thought of this because I couldn't cut off the bottoms of bottles without slicing off my own hand and i don't know how to solder and make LEDs work . I'll promise to learn how to solder. No really, shoon, after finishiing thish bottle. hic~

Step 1: Gathering Your Materials: the Bottle

this is my favorite step of this instructable:

Decide what kind of bottle you'll have as your lamp. I chose the Absolut bottles because they are rather iconic and come in frosted versions which i find work best (and delicious in flavors too).

Gather all your friends for a party but make should you stay sober enough to pocket the empty bottles later on. Of course you could put a full, brand new Vodka bottle on your coaster lamp but that's a shame isin't it? and sharing is caring, heh.

Step 2: Materials You'll Need

After you've recovered from your hangover, these are the materials you'll need.

1. A cutting mat

2. A cutter (a good sharp one works best)

3. about 9 coasters, or more if you want them stacked higher

4. Any Led push light thingy. I got this from Osram, called "dot-it" it has 3 very bright leds inside and looks lovely. you push the lights and they switch on, you push them again to switch it off.

5. about 20 minutes, or you cut slowly like me, an hour.

Step 3: Trace a Circle Around the Coaster

Put the push light on a coaster and trace around it.

I wouldn't be totally accurate about it being centered.
It will look more natural like a stack of coasters in the day.
and no one would guess it's a lamp.

Step 4: Continue Doing So Until You Get About 8 Coasters

cut them out and repeat.

trace and cut until you get about 8 rings

Step 5: Cut a Smaller Hole

Cut a smaller hole just for the light button

You don't really need to do this step but I think it looks better this way.

Step 6: Building the Lamp Base

push the coaster rings through the light.

Step 7: Base Done

add the coaster with the smaller hole on top and tada! your lamp base is done.

optional: i've put some absolut vodka text on the back of the light as it came with some sticky backing that i didn't need to use and so I covered it up.

Step 8: Put Bottle and Top and Finished

Place your bottle on top and you're done! congrats lolololololol