Introduction: How to Make a Weighted Companion Cube!


This is my simple but very very very very very time consuming Weighted Companion cube tutorial!

I designed and made it myself so it took around 50 -60 hours!

It wasn't very difficult, however if it is your first time doing cross stitching then I'd recommend this tutorial video here!

It helped me so much to get started :)

Step 1: Print the Pattern :)

It's pretty much just the pieces I traced. So it should be the same size, or you can shrink it to make a mini cube! The 6 large squares are pretty easy to work out so I left it out. Also the pink strips do not have a template as they are sewn directly onto the large squares. It's easy to work out from the pictures :) Or check out my YouTube video on this tutorial!

Check that out HERE :)

Step 2: Cutting and Cutting, and More Cutting. D:

So pretty much you'll need a self healing mat, scissors and a hobby knife.

Cut out 6x hearts, square bases and circles.

Cut out 24x corner pieces and mid section pieces.

This took me a while, perhaps because of trial and error with the sizes of everything. With the template it should take around 2-3 hours. Hopefully less... I never really took track of the times :)

Step 3: Sewing the Pink!~

Firstly sew the pink hearts!

Takes around 20 -25 minutes to sew each pieces. There are 6 in total

Step 4: Sewing the Pink~ Part 2!

The only other thing you will need to use the pink cotton for is the little rectangles bits! (see pictures)

Do this however you want. I found it easier to use a glue tac and attach the other pieces onto the big square and then sew the pinks trips around the other shapes. Then I got frustrated with the slowness of that process and decided to use a perm maker and draw where all the other shapes would go so that I could easily see where I needed to sew. I'd recommend using the marker as it allows you to hold the square any way you want.

Step 5: Attaching the Hearts!

Pretty easy. Just go around the edges with pink to secure the heart.

Step 6: Now for the Grey Thread :D

Sew all 24 corner pieces using grey thread! These take around 10 -15 minutes each.

After you have sewn them use grey wool to attach them to each corned on the squares. See images ^

Step 7: Repeat the Previous.

Repeat this for the middle section pieces Also make sure when attaching 2 pieces together that no plastic can be seen from any angle.

Step 8: Sewing the Circles

Use grey thread to sew around the hearts you previously attached. And then sew the circles to the square piece, again ensuring no plastic is visible from any angle. That's pretty much the most tedious part done!! :D

Step 9: Filling in the Rest!

Sew dark grey on all the remaining area on the square. It looks so awesome by this stage xD

All you have left to do I attach the sides together! so close!

Step 10: Attaching :3

Pretty much you need to sew the squares in the way as shown in above. ONE needs to be facing the OPPOSITE direction as the others.

Using the dark grey thread sew two pieces together as circled in red. Make sure you sew it tight!

Do the same using the light grey thread, as shown in green circles, in three places.

Step 11: Continue.

This does get tricky as you sew up each side. But it's pretty simple until you come to the 'lid' of the cube. Sewing up the last 3 sides took me around an hour. The best advice is to take your time and make sure it remains neat like the other edges :)

Step 12: Sewing the Lid.

The first side can still be sewn with a straight needle. It's reasonably easy until you reach the middle of the 2nd side. I did use a straight needle for both the first two sides by keeping my hand on the inside pushing up onto the 3rd side; which momentarily pushed it out of shape. It's not permanent however, so don't be scared to lift and push out the sides while you do this.

For the last side you will definitely need to use the curved needle. I found it difficult at first but you will get used to the shape of the needle (like where it comes out and which angle to sew at). Again, taking your time is the key :)

Also be careful! I stabbed myself so many times doing the last side xD

Step 13: Completed!

Now you have your very own companion cube ^.^

Step 14: Friends Forever <3


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