Introduction: How to Make a Wheezy and Lenny Mini Replicas From Toy Story

Have you ever wanted Toy Story figures in small scale very detailed to the movie? Well this instructable shows you how to make Wheezy. Lenny coming soon

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Step 1: Materials Needed

You will need all the following:

Faber-Castell multimark 1513 permanent marker
Wheezy with Lenny Buildable figure by Gacha Tomy or clay if you want to mold it by hand or Wheezy and Lenny Buddy figures

Step 2: Remove Characters Off Base

If the characters are glued on the base like mine was, carefully cut the figures off the base

Step 3: Paint the Figure If There Are Any Paint Defects

If your figures have any paint defects fix them. Use a picture of Wheezy from the movie to know which colors to paint. to paint small spots of the figure use a q tip and a dull push pin.

Step 4: Wheezy Is Complete

Here's Wheezy all complete standing next to my Sparks Buddy Figure.

Step 5: Lenny the Binoculars

cut the figure off the base . If the feet are loose glue them back on, If he was glued onto the base and removed re paint the feet.

if you are using the buddy figure no worries , just mold the key on the side out of clay and glue onto Lenny  

Step 6: Wheezy and Lenny Are All Finished

Thanks for watching my instructable !!!!