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Introduction: How to Make a Winter BuggyBag

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I will show you how to make a pattern for your buggy. OK, you could also buy the bag, but if you have a little time, you could make it yourself.

This bag I made for my buggy and I just want to show you how it is make so you won’t make the same mistakes, or maybe you will get some new idea for your buggy.

I use what I found in my fabric stash, cotton, velvet, padding.

Because the winter is out there it is perfect time to start sewing this project, it is not so difficult and if you have a basic sewing skill, you could do it.

First you need a buggy and then you need to decide the basic shape of the BuggyBag.

Step 1: Define the Basic Shape

Look closer too the points where you will attach the BuggyBag. 

Define the basic shape of the BuggyBag (the seating part), and measure the buggy (seating part and the back part). This will be your basic shape. Add also the bottom leg part).

Step 2: Cut the Basic Shape

Cut the basic shape BuggyBag and don’t forged to put 1 cm more for seam.

Step 3: Define the Side BuggyBag Shape

Define the side BuggyBag shape….my is long rectangle 12 cm high. Measure the length of the BuggyBag (both the side and the feet part);
Cut 30 cm longer rectangle as you measure. Cat also the padding and sew it on the fabric with long seam.
You could sew the Sandwich (inner worm fabric + padding + outer fabric).

Step 4: Pin the Fabric

Pin and sew the rectangle fabric to the base shape. Start in the center (shoes position), and go to the knees and stop there.
Now bend the rectangle fabric in to the upper leg position and make a seam there. Cut the excess fabric and sew the rectangle to the end of leg position

During sewing repeatedly check BuggyBag installed on to the buggy.

Step 5: Define the Top Shape of BuggyBag

Now define the top shape of BuggyBag. You could make this part with the zipper if you like. I cut almost the same shape as a basic BuggyBag. It was ok, but later when I put the child with winter cloths in the buggy it was too small, so I put one more Triangle.

So my suggestion is: make the waist bigger then you measure it, and put some rope or some elastic in it. It is handy, because child could put there hands in to the buggy too.

Small tip: When you will making this top part. Make it little bigger at first and make zipper or buttons or whatever closure you will use and then cut the shape you need.

Step 6: Sewing Details of the BuggyBag

Inside of the BuggyBag . You could see the triangle shape of the pattern that I put it later, because I was going on one walk with half finished BuggyBag and seen, that on to the top is not wide enough.
Good tip is: try it before it is completely finished, and don’t be afraid of changes that you didn’t predict.

Step 7: Hole

Hole in the middle of BuggyBag.

Step 8: Half Open BuggyBag

You could use zipper too, for the opening.

Step 9: Side View

The BuggyBag is not very big bag. You could see the side attachment.

Step 10: Back View

The walk with half finished BuggyBag was good also for the position warm pockets on the top side of the BuggyBag. They are made from leftovers blanket material.

Step 11: Closed BuggyBag

Not so impossible to make, is it? Just go with the flow and enjoy in pattern making, sewing and especially walking on long walks, and have fun.

for more information, you could contact me on my blog: bludor
PS: I have there more tutorials and sewing patterns to. One of them is: Ikea ANTILOP Highchair Cushion with pattern and photo instructions.

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    13 years ago on Step 1

    This could be just what i need for my son, where did you buy this buggy? please and thank you

    Lateral Thinker

    looks really great, but sorry, at 53 its not a project for me.


    Lateral Thinker
    Lateral Thinker

    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    Maybe for great grandchildren, just have a son he has downs syndrome, and his daughter is school age. I have aspeigers sydrome

    look for my forum on you might enjoy doing the on-line test for Asperigers, because it checks for the opposite too, but read the instructions well, you only got an hour to download the picture, score, and questions with your answers, but you should show people your answers, but the picture and score is great conversation when your friends do the test, and you compare the results.

    To clarify my comment that you replied to, it is not a project for me, however I have a network, where I forward WWW finds, and there is a drop in centre for mental health consumers which I helped set up, and still am invloved with, even after my new diagnoses last year, I had had 30-years psyche meds, that I did not need, and damaged me, been off 2 years now, rather than get unwell, i got better, which resulted in my new dignoeses.

    I might forward your project there, one or more members might enjoy doing it, it could be a sale item too.

    I will private message you with a link to my web site, I make wooden toys when my health alows. (I keep falling over)


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    Hey Peter,
    sorry about my assuption of grandchildren. I hope I didn't hurt you with my comment, it was not my intention.
    And well done for your good work for mental health consumers.
    Glad to hear you are overall better now since reducing the meds.

    I wish you good health.


    Lateral Thinker
    Lateral Thinker

    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction


    No problem

    I did not reduce my meds I stopped them 2 years ago, my idea, my GP helped me. People with Asperigers are commonly misdiagnosed as Bipolar. in 2002 it was decided that was a misdiagnoses in 1990. 1990 was the last time I was employed, the Biploar meds that were a mistake, stopped me working, and in 1999 damaged my thyroid.

    In 1981, when I asked for help, I had all the classical signs of Asperigers Syndrome, except that syndrome was not known until the 1990s.

    from 2002 I went back to the 1981 diagnoses of depression. None of the medications ever did anything for me, in fact, they made me unwell.

    In early 2008, after MH services gave me the boot (I was too outspoken about their abuses of clients) my GP took me off the Prozac. The only trouble being, learning to live without something I never needed, however I got better, not worse. IN April 2009 I began the process of getting a new dignoeses, only 2 docters in NZ are qualified to asesse adults, as audlts have learnt coping skills that cover up the Asperigers.

    On July 29 2009, it was made official. people that knew me in 1981, said I had only needed a few weeks help but got trapped inside a system that wanted to ensure their job security so there weren't jobless. I worked from 1974 to 1981 then struggled on until 1990.

    I have been med free for two years. (Lots of people would panic knowing that, but lots of consumers live med free, I know one person with Schizophrenia like that, when her collogues at a Polytechnic learnt that, 5 of them phoned her mental health team, bigots everywhere)

    I had never needed treatment, I mostly all my life liked after myself. It had been a mistake asking for help.

    Asperiers is not any kind of disorder, its just our mind is wired differnt, appart from communication issues causing us stres and anxietly most of have good IQs and phtograpic memory. (At 53, I am running out of film)

    Thomas Edison is consider to have been a Aspie, Einstein, Howard Hughes, Laurence of Arabia etc, but all the Aspies I know have agrreed to expel Michael Jackson from the club.

    You might like to check this famous person like me, also with Aspeigers

    I know one person all his life in supported accommodation he died at 60. A year before, the told him he had been misdiagnosed, and was in fact an Aspie.

    13 years ago on Introduction


    I plan to put one more pocket with the zipper, because I always forgot to take the money for the bakery store. That way we will go to the bakery more often.