How to Make the Best Banana Milkshake




Introduction: How to Make the Best Banana Milkshake

Man am i thirsty. Need something healthy to wake you up in the morning before work?

Dont want to waste your gas money on lousy starbucks coffee. well grab your bananas off the counter and blend them together.

bananas are a great source of potassium and has vitamin b-6. the ingredients you'll need is fairly simple and inexpensive

You’ll Need;

Bananas, Vanilla ice cream, Ice, Milk and Sugar (if necessary)

Step 1: Add Ice

If you have a blender more then likely it has exact measurements of cups and such. Or you can get a measuring cup and mark 2 cups. Whatever floats your boat. Get ice from freezer and put 2 cups of it in the blender.

Step 2: Add Ice Cream

Get your ice cream before it melts and your mom yell at you because your baby brother loves that ice cream and you wasted it.Then just put 1 and a half cups of it in a blender.
Feel free to use whatever vanilla you want. fat free, french, or whatever suits you

Step 3: Slice Your Banana

Slice your banana into however many pieces you like and fit it in the blender. But if it doesn't fit, you obviously haven't started proportions in school and you need to get on that right away. school am i right?

Step 4: Add Milk

This is one of the easiest steps on this list. there's absolutely no way you could mess up. Just put about 3 cups of milk in the blender. If you somehow managed to mess this up, tell your mom to help you. smh

Step 5: Blend

Once all your hard work and effort is finally done you blend you masterpiece and pour yourself a delicious drink to start your morning off right

Step 6: Having Problems?

If your milkshake looks a lot like ice cream after blending, all you'll need to do is add more milk. don't go overboard on it though.

If you don't have a sugary taste to it don't worry, just add a tad of sugar and you'll have that taste you love

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