How to Make a Basic Speaker System That Fits in an Altoids Tin

Introduction: How to Make a Basic Speaker System That Fits in an Altoids Tin

Hello all, back with another instructable!! In this instructable I will cover the basics on how to build this speaker system it is very easy to build. I suggest to solder wires together unless you cannot solder or dont have the supplies to. Anyways, I am a fourteen year old aspiring engineer. I go to an awesome school called the California Academy of Math and Science. I hope to win something for one of my instrucables soon. but lets get to it!!

Step 1: Materials

Heres all the things you will need.

Step 2: STEP 1: Separating Wires

ok. now lets get into how to build this thing. The first thing that you will need to do is cut  the wires from your headphone buds. After you do this you will need to strip those wires down a little bit, making sure not to grip the wire too tightly or else you will not see the correct parts the you need for step 2.

Step 3: Step 2 Separating More Wires

Now what you must do is separate the other two sets of wires( yes, there are more sets of wires and the job is not a simple as you thought it was). First you must find the two separate colored wires from each main wire and separate a total of 4 sets or wires like as described in the picture.

Step 4: Step 3 Setting Wires Up for Speaker Connection

Now you must set the wires up so you can connect the speaker to the wires. The first thing you must do is connect the one smaller set of wires and the main wires. Just twist them together so they are connected correctly. do the same for the other set of wires as well. (NOTE: YOU WILL NEED TO TEST WHETHER OR NOT THE WAY YOU CONNECTED THE WIRES WORKS BY JUST CONNECTING THEM TO THE SPEAKER TO TEST THEM!!!!!!!)

Step 5: Step 4 Connect the Speaker

now you can set up your speaker to the headphone wires. first, connect the wires to see which configuration causes the speaker to play. After this solder or tape the wires separately, then tape those two sets or wires together as well. I also recommend using heat shrink tubing as is works very very well.

Step 6: Step 5 Finalle

Now all you have to is put your new speaker system in your Altoids tin and plug in your phone or ipod.


Note  #2: The speaker will be low, but you can easily fix that by adding an amplifier, which i may make an instrutable on in some time. 

Thanks for looking at this post. I how that it helps and don't forget to vote for it in contests if you like.

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