Introduction: How to Make a Batch Messeger

Have you ever wondered how to send a message to another computer directly instead of using a social etwork to send it to an account or a complicated program? Well, this article is for you!

Step 1: Setting It Up

Download a coding software like notepad++, or just use notepad to do it.

Open up a file in you software, and then save it as a batch file(.bat) name it what you like(e.g message.bat).

Once youve done that, your ready to start writng your code!

Step 2: Getting the Basic Parts Written

Once you start writing there are a few lines of code you need to write

  • @echo off(This makes sure you dont get shown the file directory every time the prompt echos something)
  • color(This sets the color) go to
  • cls(clears the screen just in case)
  • pause(Put this at the end to keep your program running forever instead of it closing immeadiantly)

Step 3: Writing the Actual Complicated Code

After you do that, you need to write some real code to make it work!

In between the cls and the pause, type this:



set /p n=User:

set /p m=Message:

net send %n% %m%

and after the pause, type this:

goto A

and your done!

Step 4: Running It

After you make your program, you need to know how to use it. So here's how it works, you run the program, and then type the ip adress of the computer you want to send it to.Then, press Enter. It'll come up with another text which asks you for your message.You simply type in the message you wanna send(BTW you cant send pictures or links but you can send urls) and press Enter!It will then send the message directly to that computer! Plus, after sending the message, it will prompt another ip, so you can send multiple messages without re running the program!

Please comment any compliments, problems, or suggestions!