Introduction: How to Make a Beanbag, Beanbag Monster, and Beanbag Chia.

This instructable will teach you how to make a simple beanbag and things you can do with it. Sounds boring doesn't it? Well, turns out, there are many exciting things you can do with a beanbag. You can throw them at people, play the beanbag toss game, turn them into beanbag chias, or make a beanbag monster.

Step 1: What You Will Need.

For beanbag or beanbag chia:
1. 2 square peices of any kind of cloth
2. a sewing machine or thread and needle
3. beans

For beanbag monster
1. 2 peices of square cloth
2. A sewing machine or a thread and needle
3. small felt peices or buttons for eyes
4. a felt mouth
5. A hot glue gun

Step 2: Beanbag Monster

If you are making a beanbag monster,
sew or hot glue the eyes and mouth on
Sorry I don't have a picture for this step, I kept mine as a regular beanbag, and if I can edit this after it is published, I might make a second beanbag and make it a beanbag monster.

Step 3: Start to Sew!

If you are making a monster you can either
a) sew the face on the inside and make the sides look neat or
b) Sew the face facing out and make the edges look a little messier
For chias or regular beanbags:
Sew three sides of the beanbag and then turn it inside out or leave it right side in if you want the outside edges to look messy.

Step 4: Fill It in With Beans

just estimate on how much beans to put in, i would say make it about three quarters full, but that's just a guesstimate.
Just make it to the squishiness you want : ]

Step 5: Sew the Rest

Sew the last side and you have a beanbag!
Follow step six for a Chia.

Step 6: I Really Haven't Done a Chia So...

I don't really know if this works, but my dad told me it did.
Leave the bean bag out in the rain, or if you live somewhere without rain, then just water it. The beans should grow out through the fabric and then, once its roots start to grow, you can plant it, even though it will look weird for home decor.