Introduction: How to Make a Beanie Boo Sweater for Two Different Styles (Style 1)

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Gather up your supplies! You need a six inch beanie boo! (If you have a bigger one, you should have a mans sock!) A sock for the cloths, a sharpie of your choice of color, and fabric scissors!

Step 1: Make the Sweater

Now put the sock on the beanie boo! (make sure it is in the same standing position as, Micheal!)

Step 2: Draw a Line

Now draw a line all around.

Step 3: Use the Scissors

Now cut along the line with the fabric scissors.

Step 4: Put the Holes in the ​sweater

Put the sweater on the beanie boo! Use the sharpie to make a traced hole, do it on the area where you can feel the arms!

Step 5: Insert

Put the sweater on your beanie boo!

Step 6: Put Icon

Put any kind of icon on your sweater! I put tulips on, Micheal's!

Step 7: Take More of the Sock

Take the remains of sock, and put a line about 1/4th of the way from the toe of the sock! And then cut the line!

I am sorry I have two lines!

Step 8: There!

You can make a hat and scarf from the stuff!

Step 9: View

This is what it looks like now!

Step 10: The Hat

Put the circles onto the hat for the ears!

Step 11: Cut

Now cut the holes open!

Step 12: Finish

YOU ARE NOW DONE! Put the items on the beanie boo!