How to Make a Box Knot Keychain Out of Paracord




Introduction: How to Make a Box Knot Keychain Out of Paracord

The box knot keychain (also called the square knot keychain) is probably one of the most popular keychains you can make. It has a square look and holds a decent amount of paracord, which can be used in different situations.

For this project you will need a pair of scissors (not two scissors, just one :) ), two pieces of paracord (of the same or different color) and a lighter with which you can singe the edges off the ends of the paracord and a key ring with which to connect the keychain and the key.

The paracord type I recommend is 550 paracord. It is widely used and the easiest to get your hands on, very durable and cheap.

The keychain is made using the box knot. I feature a simplified version of it in this tutorial. T

You can find an extended tutorial at

Tips you should follow to get a good looking box knot keychain:
- keep your knots consistent
- when tightening, pull two cords to one side, two to the other
- tighten all four cords firmly
- when melting the ends of the paracord, it is advisable to avoid and drops of melted paracord to drop onto your skin. It is painful and if you manage to die from the burns, people will talk behind your back.
- for keychains, using at least one bright color is advisable so you can find your keys easier
- if you can, use glow in the dark paracord to make your keychain glow in the dark

The basic process of making the box knot keychain involves folding your cords into a form of braid. It is done fast, so this project will take only a few minutes to make for an experienced paracord crafter and a few more for a beginner.
I must stress that you should invest some time and adjust and inconsistencies in the look of your knots as you work on the keychain. If you get sloppy, the result will not be as good as it could be. So take it slow, make consistent knots and make sure you have everything the way you want it.

Now let's try making a square knot keychain.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You will need:
- scissors
- a lighter
- paracord 550
- a keyring

Step 2: Set Up the Cords and Keyring

Cross two pieces of paracord halfway, making an equally sided cross. Add a keyring onto one of the cords.

Step 3: Cross the Cord

Cross the cord as shown in the image.

Step 4: Pull One of the Cords Over and Under

Pull the bottom cord over the first horizontal cord and under the second.

Step 5: Pull the Top Cord Over the First Cord, Under the Second

As shown on the image, pull the top cord over the first horizontal cord and under the second.

Step 6: Tighten the Knot

Pull firmly on the cords to tighten the knot. remember to pull two cords at a time for maximum tightening.

Step 7: Cross the Cords Again, Just Like at the Start.

Repeat the same process just like at the start. This is all we will be doing!

Step 8: Pull the Top and Bottom Cord Over and Under

Pull just like it is shown on the image.

Step 9: And Tighten

An easy sequence to remember. Repeat until you reach a desired length!

Step 10: Cut the Ends and Melt Them

When you reach a desired length, remove the extra cordage and melt the ends onto the keychain.

Step 11: Finished!

Enjoy your keychain.

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2 years ago

I am enjoying watching the different knot patterns and am learning a lot on how to make different pieces... thanks😊


5 years ago



6 years ago

I have happily stumbled on this site, I needed to know how to make a PARACORD key chain, I am old and dumb but this site helped me DO IT!!!!! YEA!!!! THANKS!


6 years ago

Mine just ended up looking cylindrical.

Hi, I sure hope you can help me out with finishing off the box knot key chain. I don't want to just burn the ends I want to do some sort of other pretty knot to finish tying it off and or then depending on the length I may want to add a few pony beads then knot the strand. On some of my key chains I just used 2 strands of cord & on some of the others I used 4 strands of cord so when it's folded over you're working with 8 strands total. I'm new at this & this is the first knot I learned to do so I've decided to make up several to give as gifts at Christmas but I couldn't find someone to show me how to finish it off with a nice looking knot like the Diamond Knot, Monkey Fist or even the Celtic Knot. Those looked like they were easy but I can't get printed off directions or a video showing me how to start from the end of length's key chain I want to do. I've made up about 30 or more key chains before Thanksgiving & Christmas but there just hanging in the closet waiting to be finished. I also want to make my dog a dog collar & can't seem to find a good video on how to tell me how to make it or finish it off. Please tell me that you can help me finish my key chains & get my dog's collar finished properly. I just started this & I've checked other sites out trying to watch their videos or ask for their help but got no assistance from anyone. You can email me back at Thanks & God Bless, Debbie


7 years ago on Introduction


Depends entirely on the length of the keychain you want. Just take about 4 feet and give it a go. See if the length suits you, else try a foot more.



7 years ago

How much paracord used? I'm new to making stuff out of paracord.