How to Make a Candy Crush Shirt

Introduction: How to Make a Candy Crush Shirt

Hello i am teaching you to make a holiday /work celebration shirt

You need these thing

1. a plain shirt(any color)

2. some wonka sweetart balls

3. get girrila glue

Step 1: 1. Plain Shirt

first you get a plain shirt. Make sure you set it down some where like the table.

Step 2: 2. You Get Glue

get some glue to put candy shirt. When you glue make it a half an inch apart.

Step 3: 3. Candy

get your candy ready and the glue next. Once you put the glue on you put a candy ball on top of the glue

Step 4: Glue on

you would want to get your candy and glue in hand. you keep glueing in till u have 4 rows going down and 5 going to the side

Step 5: Don't Wash

My dad threw the shirt in the washer and dryer and the candy balls shrinked it is not meant to throw in the dryer . I'm pretty sure that if u put it in cold water and you let it air d that will be okay to do:)

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