How to Make a Cartoon Dinosaur




Introduction: How to Make a Cartoon Dinosaur

I chose this because a cartoon dinosaur is simple and fun.You can draw it on anything and anywhere. Its not only easy to draw but  fun. Also little kids  are fascinated and entertained by the cute, yet simple  dinosaurs,so if you learn how to draw a cartoon dinosaur you could entertain that toddler you baby sit or maybe your younger brother or sister:D

Step 1: Step One:Feet.

When drawing the feet make sure you make them round.Not to round that it will look like a circle,but round enough it wont be a square.When you draw the first foot make sure the line that connects the front and back feet is curved (this is the bottom of the stomach).

Step 2: Step Two:Tale

From the back leg go up about two cm.Then make a line that is curved and points out ward(bottom of the tale).From the botom of the tale start at the point then draw up ward at a curved way.(While drawing up wards also draw to the right or left alowing it to curve creating the back)

Step 3: Step Three: Back or Top of the Body

From the tale you should have been drawing up ward while curving it left or right.This is what will create the back or top half of the body.Make sure when your drawing the back its like the top part of a circle.This allows the back or top half of the body to not look flat.

Step 4: Step Four:Top Half of the Neck

From the back or top half of the body draw up ward at a curve,left or right (depends which way your dinosaur is facing).This will creat the top half of the neck.The neck can be any length.

Step 5: Step Five: Bottom Half of the Neck

From the front  leg draw a curve up ward but out ward.(can be any length).When you get to the size you like with this curve, draw another curve up ward but in ward.This new curve should be at least two times the size of the curve you have just drawn.

Step 6: Step Six: Head

From the bottom of the neck draw a "U" shape.BUT make it look more round like turning a parentheses upside down.From the top of the neck draw a line forward,(preferably curved) make this cure or line as long as the bottom part of the head.  To conect the bottom part of the head and the top part make a  "U" shape.

Step 7: Step Seven: Toe Nails , Eye, and Mouth

After you have drawn the body you can now add the small details. Like the mouth,eyes,and toe nails. To do the toe nails go to the bottom of the fee and add three lines.To do the eye go to the head and put a dot(colored in) in the center of the face. To do the mouth go to the bottom of the face and draw a smiley,sad,angry,ect..

Step 8: Tips.

If drawing on paper draw lightly,this allows it to be more easy to erase.

If you do draw lightly go over it with a pen,marker,crayon,ect. to make it darker and more visible to see.

You can add designs or patters to the dinosaur to make it more fun and interesting! 

Step 9: Final Picture:

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