Introduction: How to Make a Case for Hats

Hats should always be in an appropriate place that does not deform your wing. Who are either hung, or in a box to keep them in good condition and pressing his wing to prevent curling.

Step 1: Materials

1 sheet of plywood 5mm
1 jig
1 hole
2 hinges
bit 1/2 inch
drill to make holes
2 screws half inch
2 butterflies half inch

Step 2: Making Mold

First we need to make the mold. We must measure the diameter of the hat to calculate the size of the case. We leave approximately 2 - 3 cm (3/4 inch). The hole where the crown of the hat will must also have the same extra distance to scrape hat cuandp not open or close. Also considering the hole to take it like a portfolio, this should be 5 x 10 cm (2 x 4 inches).

Once labeled cardboard, cut with scissors or a knife.

Step 3: Cutting Wood

Now let's cut.

With the mold of cardboard, draw the pattern on the wood and proceed to sawing. Be careful to use a very thin blade to splinter not our case.

For the hand hole, we will use the drill to drill large holes. First hacermos a hole in the side and then continue with the saw, to make an oval.

We will make 2 identical.

Step 4: Putting the Hinges

Now will the hinges. You have to put them so that they are symmetrical so you can open and close evenly.
It is likely that the thickness of the timber, the tips of the screws sobresalgar. The cut off with the Dremel (be sure to wear protective goggles).

Step 5: Putting Butterflies

We will make two holes with a regular drill bit the size of the screw. Butterflies used to maintain closed our case and continually press to hang our hat stay straight and not bent.

Step 6: Completed

Ready! Now we have our hat holder to transport or hang it on our wall. You can paint with ink and varnish to taste. Remember, your imagination is the limit.