Introduction: How to Make a Charm Bracelet

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I've always loved charm bracelets. But they're so hard to make! Wait- are they really? Lots of people are scared of the pliers and jump rings- Making a charm bracelet is actually really simple and you don't need to many tools! BTW if you like this, please vote it for the fashion contest!!! I will follow you if you leave a comment and say you voted. thanks!

Step 1: Collecting Your Items

I've built up a collection of charms- Not just from Hobby lobby, but you can put on pendants from small broken necklaces, small key chains, basically anything small with a hoop. You will have to buy a bracelet (duh) and make sure its your size! Chain bracelets come in many colors. I chose Bronze because it was the only one left... But actually, I ended up liking it!!! You will also need jump rings and Needle nose pliers.

Step 2: Putting on Your Charm

(I have already put on a lot of charms, so sorry if you cant see) First, you want to open your jump ring. There are many ways to do this! I use my Needle-nose pliers and a pair of tweezers. You want to open it crooked, not pry apart. This helps the jump ring keep its shape. Then, you put the charm on. Don't let go with the pliers!                                                                                                                                     

Step 3: Putting the Charm on the Bracelet

With your charm on the jump ring, use your pliers to move it over to the hoop on the bracelet. Making sure your charm is facing the right way, you want to close the jump ring. Press the ends together with the pliers, and there you have it!!! You successfully put a charm on your bracelet (well, I hope you were successful). I have collected charms for a while now, and I'm so glad I finally made a bracelet. I hope you like this instructible. Remember, vote me for the contest!!!

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