How to Make a Cheap IPad Stand

Introduction: How to Make a Cheap IPad Stand

Problem statement: I wanted an inexpensive iPad stand that didn't flop over when you touch the iPad.

I love the Griffin protective case but it comes with a crappy stand. It's ok if you just want to prop up the iPad and look at it but if you touch the screen it just flops over. I didn't want to buy another accessory for this thing. Plus I just like making stuff.

Material cost: 1   24" piece of poplar $9.56 at Lowe's (could be done cheaper but poplar looked nice, I made a second identical                                one out of pine.)

                         5 rubber bumpers about $3.00 at Walmart

                          Wood Glue $ various(I already had a giant tube of it)

Tools I used: Table saw

                         Chop Saw

                         Brad nailer

Step 1: Measure iPad or other device as to determine size of stand.
Step 2: Select material and purchase.
Step 3: Cut pieces of material.
Step 4: Assemble pieces.
Step 5: Enjoy new iPad stand.

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