How to Make a Checker Board on Your Shoes




Introduction: How to Make a Checker Board on Your Shoes

Materials needed:
          Two shoe laces per shoe
                (different color laces work best)

Step 1: First Shoe Lace

1. Start by lacing the bottom of the shoe normally.  Make sure the laces are even.
2. Chose a side of the shoe and take that half of the shoe lace and come threw the whole directly above it.
3. On the opposite side of the shoe, you have to skip one hole(so the 3rd hole).  This will allow you to have the first side come over to create the straight lines.
4. Bring the first half of the lace over and threw the second hole.
5. Now bring that up to the 4th hole so that you now have both sides of the shoe lace coming out of the 3rd and 4th holes.
6.  Bring both sides of the lace directly over keeping the laces straight.
7. Continue this until the whole shoe is laced.  Make sure the continue with same pattern or you laces won't be even when your done.
8. Once you are done put the shoe on so that you can tie the laces with the desired tightness.
9. Tie the shoe and pull it under the tongue to hide the knot

Now your done with the first lace.

Step 2: Second Shoe Lace

1. Tie a knot at the end of the lace.
2. Then pull the lace threw the bottom hole on one side.
3. Now begin to weave the lace.
4. When you finish you first pass make sure you continue the weave.(so i finished above so i came back under)
5. Continue weaving the lace until you fill the whole shoe with the pattern.
6. Pull the lace threw the top hole, tie a knot, and tuck it into the shoe

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10 years ago on Introduction

But won't the checkers fall off?

(J.K.) - Looks cool!


Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

Yes you can, just start at the bottom and start pulling the lace tighter until you reach the top and re tie the shoe