Introduction: How to Make a Chibi YOU Out of Clay

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make yourself a chibi!!!

Step 1: Head, Body and Facial Features

HEAD: to make the head take a lump of clay make a ball of it,you got your head.
BODY:to make a body just make a rectangular box with curved got your body.

FACIAL FEATURES: use your finger and press lightly to make place for eyes, using a pointed object make the nose. As shown in the picture.

Step 2: Dress

if its a she you can make a dress for her by making a ball of clay and flatting it ,cut it just from the center to out.
wrap it around her body making some folds.

if its a he make a shirt or T-shirt for him, instead of making a body just make a block of (color of T-shirt) clay.

Step 3: Hair

making hair is having the same procedure for both he and she.
just cut the shape with measuring her/his head and stick it up. again use the curved pointed tool to show her/his hair pretty nicely.

Step 4: Hands

hands are simple in chibi, just make a tubulus shape with a lumpy end one side and other flat. stick it up too.

Step 5: Detailings and Accessories

paint her eyes,mouth,and hair shine with paint.
make some accessories like a guitar and hold it to her.
VOILA!! you made it!

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