How to Make a Concoction

Introduction: How to Make a Concoction

In case you don't know what a concoction is it is a mixture that is made up of a lot of things. this will be a fun concoction that will be a fun concoction that will use time when there is nothing to do.





- Vinegar




-Carbonated Water

-Lemon Juice



Step 1:

First take your bowl and put 5 packets of ketchup and put it in the bowl(if you don't have packets then 3 spoon full of ketchup).

Step 2:

Second take the carbonated water and put halve of the can in the bowl

Step 3:

Next take the salt and pepper and sprinkle for 10 seconds.

Step 4:

Then take the lemon juice and put a little bit in.

Step 5:

After that put one spoon full of vinegar in the bowl

Step 6:

Next put water in the bowl and mix everything together.

Step 7:

Finally put some sugar on the top and put a pickle in the center of the bowl.

Now you know how to make a concoction. Next time make up your own and see how it is

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I think you need to add some raisins, Tabasco sauce, and chocolate sauce. Maybe some raspberry yogurt, to top it off.


    Fission Chips

    Gross! :) This is kinda gross, but the color of the concoction is strangely interesting.