How to Make a Creative Pen Holder



Introduction: How to Make a Creative Pen Holder

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In this small instructable, you will see how to make a creative pen holder!  None are alike and all are different!

Step 1: Gather Materials

Go outside your office and gather things that you think would be fun to create a pen holder from.  Non-organic materials only, as you don't want your pen holder to decompose!  Also, you could go to the hardware store for a myriad of creative materials. For mine, I gathered some electric wire that was on the ground, some other miscellaneous building material and a cupboard hinge.

Step 2: Compile Your Materials

Now that you have gathered your desired materials, place them all together in a shape or form that you like.  For the wire on mine I used a big pen and bent the wire around it to give it a more circular shape.  This step is the most creative.  You are only limited by your imagination...and the amount of materials that you gathered.

Once you have achieved your desired form, a little super glue goes a long way!  This will help your holder maintain the form the worked to hard to achieve!

Step 3: Final Stages!

After the super glue has dried you now have the option to spray paint your pen holder to add some color or make it a little more uniform.  I sprayed mine a matte black as it seemed to me that everything was a different color and the whole piece was just too busy.  So the choice is yours.

Allow a sufficient amount of time to dry before you place it on your desk for your coworkers admiration, or strange looks.

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