Introduction: How to Make a Custom Dummy Hand Using Wire and Aluminium Paper for Less Then 10 Dollars

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When building Leg-Armor ,gauntlet armor ect , hand made and to your measurements it can be a bit hard , Here I will explain how to make a custom dummy arm for props using easy to find materials , the same Technic can be applied to almost every body part ! The only thing you really need to buy for this is Silicon base Bondo or filler and you can get this in any hardware store for less then 10 Dollars

I used the dummy leg to make this" ", so if you are interested in making leg armor click that link !

Step 1: Step 1: What You Need

Wire Cutters / Wire Bender , Wire that you can easily get form a hanger or you can buy of low thickness tape and silicone based filler and wheat flour or glue depending on how you like to make paper mache .

Step 2: Make a Sketch

This is the blueprint for the internal structure and getting this right will help you a lot mark down the max dimensions of your arm or leg and the min at certain like elbow shoulder wrist like in the picture .

Step 3: Cut Your Wire

Cut your wire and straiten them out in long pieces ,rearrange so they make a hand shape use your hand to get the dimensions right .

Step 4: Putting It Together

Tape the bottom of the wires , and gently use a thinner wire to tie the parts you made .

Step 5: Tie in More Wires

Tie in more wires until it is ringed and strong.

Step 6: Get a Slab of Wood and Styrofoam

This will be the base , I got this for free that's why its a triangle ( I am on a budget ) ,the styrofoam I found on the street :D , you can use expandable foam for this too but that will elevate the cost.

Step 7: Putting Together the Parts

I used silicone but I would recommend a stronger glue just in case .

Step 8: Putting Together the Parts

Here you will use the measurements you took early on , from the base to the middle finger it should have the desired height trim around the base and make it thinner then your arms width.

Step 9: Cover the Base

In this step you will cover the base with aluminium paper to make it stronger and to put paper mache on it later .

Step 10: Now Make a Double or Triple Layer Copy of Your Arm Using Aluminium Paper

Now make a double or triple layer copy of your arm using aluminium paper Use this copy and gently put it over your base ,tape it around gently put it together

Step 11: You Can Use Wheat Flower or Glue

Make a paper mache mix , Mix one part flour with one part of water or Mix half part white glue with one part of water

Step 12: Cover It

Cover it completely in paper mache Around the arm use a cross method to give it strength let it dry for a few hours in the sun .

Step 13: Cover It Again

Now cover it using the silicone based Filler apply 2 layers .

Step 14: Mark It

After it drys a bit mark the elbow and palm and the areas you work around the most ,this will do wonders for you .

Step 15: USE IT !

After it drys you are all set
Thank you for checking this out !

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