Introduction: How to Make a Custom Pine Log Lamp on the Cheap!

This instructable will show you how to make a cool lamp out of an ordinary piece of firewood.

Step 1: Materials/tools Needed:

Two pieces of the pine of your choice.
One flat piece w/ natural edge
One 3"x12" round piece w/bark still on
Old lamp fixture with bulb
Lamp shade of your choice
Drawknife or other sharp tool
Cut-off saw
Drill w/ long drill bit
Two screws
Wood stain and Polyurethane clear

Step 2: Start By....

Start by using the drawknife to peel your round log. Cut it about 12 inches long. Then sand your base. (I preedrill for lamp during this step)

Step 3: Drill.....

Drill a hole through the length of your round log. Make sure to drill straight and big enough for lamp wires. Add a notch at the base for the power wire.(So lamp sits level)
Pull wires through and attach fixture to the top.

Step 4: Check....

Check that your lamp works before attaching it to the base.(During this step I usually put a coat of stain on my lamp, its easier when its disassembled)
Using two 3 inch screws secure the round log to your flat base
Be sure not to hit any of your wires when you drive your screws.
Put your light bulb back on and the lampshade you choose.
Check your lamp one more time to be sure.
Now your ready for the finish!!!

Step 5: Make...

Make sure your lamp is unplugged and free of dust and dirt.
Apply two coats of stain( I use Miniwax ) with a brush then rag off.
Apply at least one good coat of clear( i usually like two for excelent protection and shine), with fine brush. Wait six to eight hours between coats.

Step 6: I Really Like....

I really like these kind of projects because you end up with a nice piece of authentic furniture for little or no cost! Because I had the materials and tools, this lamp cost me.... yup.....zilch! nada!zero!
Hope this instructable will encourage people that you still can make something for nothing!!

Questions and/or comments are appreciated