How to Make a Detachable Utili-pocket




Introduction: How to Make a Detachable Utili-pocket

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Hey everyone! One of our viewers asked for advice on adding cargo pockets to dress pants or jeans. Well... we decided to nix the dress pants idea and present them with the untra-versatile detachable utili-pocket. It's a great way to add more pockets to normal pants. If you love this tutorial, be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes and check out more episodes on our website,

Also, check out the entire video below:

Step 1: Pick Out Your Fabric

1. Get some fabric, draw a 17in x 14in rectangle and cut it out.

Step 2: Fold the Rectangle

2. Fold the rectangle, right sides together and pin it around the perimeter.

Step 3: Sewing the Seam

3. Now you're gonna sew a seam along the pin line, leaving a 3 inch gap, so you can turn it inside out in a minute.

Step 4: Another Seam

4. When you're done sewing, turn it right side out, smooth the corners and sew another seam around the perimeter.

Step 5: Making the Pocket

5. Now fold the pocket the size that you want it, flip it over and mark out where you want your loop to go.

Step 6: The Tie Loop

6. Next get out an old tie, cut off the tip. Fold over the raw edge and sew a seam.

Step 7: Sewing the Loop

7. Pin the tie where you made the mark on the pocket and sew two seams to attach it.

Step 8: Sewing the Pocket

8. Now, fold, pin and sew the pocket together.

Step 9: Adding the Button

9. Mark out where the button and the button hole are going to go. Pick out a button, and hand, sew it on.

Step 10: Sewing on the Button

10. Next sew the button hole using a zig zag stitch and create a mini-rectangle. Cut a slit in the middle and you're done!

Step 11: You're Done!

11. Then all you gotta do it slip it on your belt and you're ready to rock!

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     I feel an urge to mod this thing... need security... need tiny padlock... need bullet-resistant strength! (nah, kevlar's a bit too much for me) need... NEed... NEED... NEED MORE ACCESSIBILITY!!! (gotta admit that it's a bit hard to stick your hand in there if you've got a really big hand)

    back to normal speech

    Nice! There is some room for improvement though. Since I live in a place of great danger, I shall put a pocket in a pocket so that pick pockets would have to pick the whole pocket which is not good for pick pocketers since that'll blow their trademark stealth. That reminds me; I gotta get another belt.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    If you add a double loop on the back, instead of the single tie, you can have the bag straddle a belt loop and not slide back and forth (which can be a problem on women's pants, which sometimes have all of 4 belt loops).

    Just an idea. :)


    12 years ago on Introduction

    it's nice, but not really simply detachable. you'd have to take your belt off, then take it off, then put your bet back on...