Introduction: How to Make a Disposable Camera Infinite

Alright so i was messing around with a disposable camera the other day and found out that theres a little gear under the covering of the camera that if you turn it to the right will make the camera take infinate shots.


Step 1: Take Appart Camera

now we have to take the disposable camera appart. the camera has a big sticker wrapped all around it, you wana take that off (DO NOT USE WATER. after the sticker is off use a screw driver and push it under 1 of the little clips on either side of the camera.

Step 2: Make the Opening

ok to make it so that you can turn the small grey gear to make the camera go forever. To make the hole you can do it in 2 ways
But befor you do anything mark where the grey gear is.
1. you can drill/stap a hole in the back of the casing to spin the gear.
2. you can do what i did and burn then cut the exces off

Step 3: Battery

on the left side of the camera is a battery. when this battery dies, then the flash dies, so change the battery, and now you can

Step 4: Finished

ok were done all you gotta do now is put the case back on (just snaps on) and away you go

PS. i havent tried putting another roll of film in it yet but im pretty confidant it will work (try it if you want and post as coment if you do)
I put a video of what you do after you re-assemble the camera

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