How to Make a Dog Agility / Trick Hurdle 90% Cheaper, Than Purchasing It From an Online Store.

Introduction: How to Make a Dog Agility / Trick Hurdle 90% Cheaper, Than Purchasing It From an Online Store.

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My Poodle hybrid JD will be 5 years old in Jan 2015.

I was always interested in agility training, but 2 patellar realignments 4 years apart held it back.

He will graduate from basic Trick Class next week.

Since I cannot find the agility set I bought 5 years ago, and I lay at home with a broken left arm and pneumonia,

I can not cough up ( no pun intended)100+ $.

Here is my humble instructable. I designed the structure, Scott helped by providing hands # 2-3. I have only 1 good hand. Lol

The cast will come off next week. I hope.

Step 1: You Will Need the Following Items. ( You Do Not Need My Cat to Interfere, Like He Did in My Project)LOL

We will need to have on hand

-2 white and 2 black presentation boards. Black for support structure, white for " planks"

-Duck tape, I had Bright yellow already

-Box cutter, I carry some PINK TOOLS!!! LOL


-First Aid Kit ( never know, when you may need it)

-Self sealing mat,to protect flooring.

-Measuring tape

Step 2: Construction, Short and Sweet!

CONSTRUCTION ( 2 people needed, plus a small dog to test jump project)

At first you need to Measure the length of presentation board and score across the middle. Please take care not

cut all the way through.

The reason being, its easier to handle if its 1 piece instead of 2. The ductape goes first across the top, to place a good connection.

Since there are different sizes, I will try to go with general descriptions.

Now you have 2 triagles. Please view picture # 5.

Its the one that is sideways. Much to my chagrin, some pictures wont do what I want.

You see the wide spacing on the floor? This could be a stability problem, once we put the slats in.

< see white pictures>


Place the ductape face up, the distance of your Triangles sides space on floor side.

You need to lay another ductape piece 2 inches shorter face down, leaving about 1 inch on either side.

when this is done, flip up the sticky edges up along the outside. Please press firmly.

Repeat on all end pieces. Now you have a sturdy triagular (small) structure,which you now can fold up, or stand

up without fear of slipping.


Please measure a line along the vertical midline, ending about 2

-2.5 inches above floor and roof.

The width will be a small amount bigger, than the width of jumping slats.

Cut 2 slats out with a ruler and box cutter.

Place square notches about 1 inch from each slats end, please see picture above.

Insert 1 slat at first. My JD loves his own hurdle

Step 3: THE FINISH. He Loves It, Thank You for Watching My Instructable #21

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