Introduction: How to Make a Dog-birthday Cake

Dog's birthday coming up? Show him how to enjoy a birthday like a human with this delicious dog-approved cake.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You will need:

- A dog whose birthday it is, or a human who likes dog food
- A dish the size of the desired cake
- A banana
- Some kibble
- Dry oats
- Mayonnaise
- Food colouring
- Wet dog food
- Various kitchen tools

Step 2: Make Dog-flour

Grind up your kibbles. The amount will differ depending on the size of your cake, aim for about 1/3 of the final cake-volume.

Here I used a magic bullet. But, any blender will work. If you don't have a blender, try a mortar and pestle, or use something heavy to smash them into powder. Get them as fine as you can - we are trying to mimic wheat flour.

Step 3: Add the Wet Ingredients

Add some wet ingredients to hold it together. I used a banana because my dog likes bananas. If yours doesn't experiment with a few sticky things until you find something they like. Honey, peanut butter, molasses perhaps. Add just enough to hold everything together. You will play with the amount later.

Add the wet dog food. Use about as much by volume as your dog-food flour.

Step 4: Balance the Texture

You will need to balance the texture to make sure it stays up. Add a little milk or water if it is too thick. Add your oats, or more kibble flour if it is too runny.

In the end, your batter should be about the consistency of play-dough. It should be firm, and hold its shape without assistance. 

Step 5: Form Your Cake

Oil the inside of your cake pan and press your batter into it. Place the pan upside down on a plate, and tap the cake out.

Step 6: Decorate Your Cake

Mix mayonnaise with your choice of food colouring to create designs on your cake. Use white or coloured icing as a base frosting.

Step 7: Have a Dog Birthday!

Grab your mutt and celebrate!