Introduction: How to Make a Double Knot With Your Shoelaces

This is a way of tying your shoes, but with a double knot, so it doesn't come undone. And the best thing about this double knot is that it comes apart with the pull of a shoelace!

Step 1: Starting Knot

First, you want to make the starting knot. You probably already may know what it is, but not what it's called. It's relatively simple. First, make an X with your shoelaces, left over right. (I made a mistake in the picture, it's actually left over right, not right over left.) Then, tuck the left lace under the right lace, and pull it tight.

Step 2: The Main Part of This Easy Knot

Now, you want to make a loop with the rest of your right lace, leaving a tiny bit of lace, sort of like one single bunny ear. Then, pinch the bunny ears with one hand, and loop the other lace twice over the bunny ear, around the bottom. Remember to keep pinching! Use the pictures...

Step 3: Finishing the Knot

Then, you'll see that below where you're pinching, there's a hole. push the rest of the left lace through the hole with your thumb, leaving a little lace behind. Then pull the bit sticking out of the hole, and it should come out like a bunny ear. But don't pull to hard, or it destroys itself.

Step 4: Undoing the Knot

This part is simple. Just pull the two laces that aren't bunny ears. Then pull apart the starting knot. Easy.